Selective Rearing Process Of Horses

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When it comes to equestrian sports, it is all about the kind of animals that are put in the race. There are different aspects that make these animals distinct and breeding techniques are followed by creative selective species in this category whose natural traits and abilities are heightened to make them ideal for such sports.

What are thoroughbred horses?

These are racehorses that are a breed known for endurance and speed. The physical characteristics of the animals, as found in horse racing syndicates Sydney, usually follow certain general statistics though these can be different. In general, such racehorses have an average height around 16 hands, they have a refined head, a curved back that is even, a long neck and legs that are long and slender. The coats of these horses could be black, grey and chestnut and some have white markings on their legs and faces. Thoroughbreds are known for the racing abilities they possess which require them to show great spurts of speed in a short period of time. However, they are used for other kinds of sports as well, such as polo, jumping and hunting. Often thoroughbred animals are further upgraded to create new and distinct breeds.

Early ancestors

Even if new breeds are formed out of thoroughbreds which are showcased in thoroughbred racing syndicates these animals originally are descendents of three kinds of stallion varieties which are Godolphin Arabian, Darley Arabian and Byerly Turk. All these animals hail originally from the Middle East and it is said that they were brought to England in the later part of the 17th century. These were then bred for successive generations to create the animals which are known as thoroughbred.

What is selective breeding?

Selective breeding is a process that was started as pedigree of these animals became important in the racing industry. The breed registry was started in the seventies and three million horses were recorded and traced right back to the nineteenth century. Nowadays DNA typing is common, which allows parentage of animals to be established by using mane hair. The quality and heritage of thoroughbred horses are tracked in this method. There are some notable thoroughbred species as well whose records exist as per the kind of race achievements they had accomplished. Many syndicates nowadays invest in experimenting with selective breeding processes and creating superior breeds or animals that can make a difference with their strength and tenacity in the races. This includes studying the animals and the desired traits in the different sports and creating breeds that have the right skills and traits for such activities.